AATSW is an wing dedicated to the advancement of women and the promotion of important women-related issues inside AATS. The wing consists of female members of likeminded parties. AATSW provides female leaders with possibilities for networking, empowerment, and enhanced visibility and encourage women to take political offices.


  • Bringing Women out of the home and into the economy
  • Reorganizing peasant households that keep women in subservient positions
  • developing communal services to alleviate domestic work and childcare
  • providing equal opportunities for women
  • mobilizing women into political work and government administration
  • providing adequate working conditions “to satisfy the particular needs of the female organism and the moral and spiritual needs of women as mothers.


Provide a platform for conservative women
AATSW wants to offer a platform that links women supporting conservative, centre right and like-minded political ideas world-wide.

Promote shared values
Our values are based on a shared belief in liberty, justice, human rights and democracy. We believe that women are key to foster their implementation, especially in countries and regions with fragile political systems.

Bring women’s issues on the AATS agenda
It is our duty to promote women’s interests within the AATS and raise awareness for the impact of politics and political processes on women. Effectively addressing challenges requires global cooperation and coordination.

Support women to take political offices
AATSW offers a platform for female political leaders and helps them share their ideas and realize them in official political functions.

Promote practical exchange and training
AATSW serves as a platform for professional development and training, offering practical exchange on issues such as party organization and policy, encouraging women’s engagement in various policy fields and helping to extend women’s political influence in their political parties and international organizations.

Encourage the younger generation
AATSW wants to encourage and promote the political emancipation and active participation of women in politics and political processes on a local, national and global basis. Thus, AATSW wants to provide training and promotion for the younger generation and help young women in making use of their potential, thereby enabling them to become future leaders in their parties and governments.

Raise awareness
AATSW wants to combat discrimination against women, raise awareness for women’s issues and provide a forum with special dedication to women-related policy fields, such as gender equality, education, family, social and health issues.


For many years, women provided the backbone of voluntary workers in our political parties – be they in separate women’s sections or in the main body of the party. However, over the past years their role has changed. Today, female leaders play a significant role in ensuring that our parties are in tune with policies of special concern to women and in ensuring that we address female voters appropriately, eventually helping to increase their share of our parties’ votes. Women play a unique role in our societies contributing to our well-being, both as home makers and working women. We believe that AATSW may contribute to a fruitful exchange on shared issues for women in politics. We want to help them in addressing existing prejudices in our societies that continuously keep qualified women from realizing their full potential.