What is door knocking?

Door knocking – which is also often referred to as campaigning or canvassing – is talking with people about the issues that matter to them. Every day, teams of AATS members and volunteers are out representing our party, listening to people, and sharing our position on important issues. This means that when it comes to elections, we know what really matters to people, and people know where AATS stand and why they should vote for us.

Our top tips for door knocking:

What to expect

You’ll be out in a group – we never expect people to go out alone! There’ll be a meeting before you begin and if it’s your first time you’ll shadow an experienced campaigner until you feel more confident.

Typically conversations are quite short – they can be as simple as “Hi Mrs Smith, can I ask if you plan on voting for AATS at the next election?”. The key thing is to introduce yourself with a smile and record what people said so that we can answer peoples questions and address their concerns.

Some people will want to have a longer chat – especially if they haven’t decided who they’re voting for. Remember that you don’t need to be a policy expert and don’t worry if you don’t win over every undecided voter! The important thing is that you’ve started a conversation that someone else will be able to continue.

Also – it’s fun! Door knocking is a great way to meet your fellow members, and sessions are often followed by a trip to a cafe or pub. Many a friendship has blossomed over a confusing cul-de-sac or a post-canvassing coffee.