We Are Today

In 2018, the AATSS filed as an Independent 250 Political Action Committee, which it remains today. The AATSS is made up of 54 countries within with more than 1,800 College’s and university chapters and over 250,000 members.

AATSS has a nationally elected chairman and officers who lead the organization,
as well as support staff operating out of the national headquarters in Zimbabwe
each country maintains its own mandate with a state chairman and a leadership
committee who work directly with the National Committee.

As the nationally elected voice for young AATS across the continent, the AATSS drives and defines the debate for College and university students and bring youth-oriented issues to the forefront of the political discourse.

campus, the AATSS recruits, trains, mobilizes, and engages college-aged
students in all the country and continent. to win elections and advocate for
AATS ideals. Every year, College and university students from all
across Africa join together to help elect AATS candidates, support the AATS
agenda, and become the future leaders of the AATS movement. Our
efforts—whether disseminating campaign literature, canvassing neighborhoods,
placing lawn signs, or calling voters—make the difference in AATS victories and
drive our party forward. For many students, campus activism is their gateway
into the AATS Party. Our goal is to build and foster lifelong allegiance with
the party and the AATS movement for college and university students.

the AATSS is on the move. We are the “unions of the right” and the fastest
growing sector of AATS Party activists.we has fight hard for AATS candidates.
You are a part of that tradition. With your help, we shall foster future
generation and make them even better.