welcome to africa alliance tranistional struggle


Africa Alliance Transitional Struggle (AATS) Is A Pan-Africanist Political Party Which Follows Socialist And Nationalist Ideologies. It Was Created In September 2019 By His Excellency The President And CIC Anesu Mugabe . Africa Alliance Transitional Struggle(AATS) Is A Zimbabwean-Based Political Party That Follows Pan-Africanism Ideologies In The Attempt To Create A Sense Of Brotherhood And Collaboration Among All People Of African Descent Whether They Lived Inside Or Outside Of Africa. Africa Alliance Transitional Struggle (AATS) is a Pan-Africanism Movement and Often Expressed Through Lobbying And Confrontational Action Towards Slavery And Colonialism. To Restore What Slavery And Colonialism Has Taken Away From Africa By Educating And Inheriting Lost Culture, Tradition, Religion, Language, Governance And Wealth. No Matter What The Circumstances, The Objectives Remain The Same Which Is To Unify Africa As An Alliance. Our Aim Is To Transform Community Based Agency And Organization Under The Political Body And Pursing Transformational Emancipation.